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Individual Therapy

  • in-person, online & telephone sessions

  • no obligation free 10 min. initial phone consultation

I view psychotherapy as a collaborative process. I believe that you, as a client, are the expert in your own experience and I will work with you to gain insight and clarity, uncover patterns, develop new perspectives, heal from past experiences and learn strategies to manage ongoing challenges. Therapy can help you find balance and live more authentically,

with greater self-trust and self-confidence. 

My clients come to therapy for many different reasons. Perhaps you're down, stressed or anxious - maybe you're unsure about the future of a relationship, grieving a loss, want to find healing from past experiences, or just feel that you aren't living the life you were meant to lead. Whatever your needs, I am here to offer support in ways that are uniquely tailored to you and your goals.

I bring years of experience to clients and training and expertise in a range of systems of change and therapeutic approaches. All my work is founded on anti-oppression and trauma-informed principles.

I have the tools and professional experience to help you get back on track - or to find your new path.

​Everyone with a desire for change, healing or transformation is welcome.




My clients are people like you and me - some who have never been to a therapist before, and some who have. My clients come to me with all different kinds of issues, concerns and goals for therapy - some people may suffer from anxiety or depressive symptoms, some have chronic pain, some have past histories of abuse or trauma, some are lonely, some just want to improve their lives, some are interested in developing their self-awareness and some people want to "process" things that are going on in their lives. There is no "typical" client and no silly reason to come to therapy. I believe we all do the best that we can at any given moment, and sometimes we all need a little support. In fact, I'd say it's a sign of wisdom to know when it's time we reach to others.


Active or veteran RCMP or Armed Forces personnel are more likely to experience Operational Stress Injuries (OSI) including anxiety, depression and PTSD. Refugees may also be at a higher risk for these stressors. Loneliness and isolation, relationship difficulties and other concerns may compound your distress. If you experience traumatic reactions, you have been injured by past or possibly ongoing experiences. Healing must take place that includes learning effective strategies to manage and decrease distressing symptoms and learning how to re-build a meaningful and connected life. Let me help you do that. I am passionate about this work and have trained in trauma-focused therapies at the University of Toronto and the Arizona Trauma Institute. I am currently completing specialist training as a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional and Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist -Individual. My approach is based on Empowerment & Resilience and it is underpinned by the most recent research into trauma, PTSD and neuro-psychology. Additionally, I will provide direct billing.


Parenting a teen or young adult can be particularly challenging. I provide real help to parents and guardians who are struggling with the choices and behaviours of their teen/young adult children. Once I understand your specific situation, we'll create action plans and you'll learn specific strategies to work towards your goals. Although it seems counter-intuitive for parents/guardians to do things differently when you want your children to change, coaching can help you set boundaries around behaviours, improve communication with your teen and help you manage specific situations.



Before you book your first session, feel free to request a free, no-obligation 10 minute phone consultation. This is an opportunity to connect with me and ask any questions you may have before booking an appointment.


I offer the flexibility of remote (online & telephone) appointments for clients for a variety of reasons. I work with some clients only remotely and some clients do both remote and in-person sessions. The choice is yours.


My Toronto location is conveniently located in Midtown Toronto, not far from Yonge & Eglinton. The office is in the Upper Village Counselling Centre  - just a 4 minute walk (east) of Eglinton West subway station (line 1). Eglinton West bus 32 stops outside and street parking is available. Please note, unfortunately, there is no wheelchair accessibility as the office is on the 2nd floor of an older building. 


My Stratford office in The Space WIthin is conveniently located in the heart of the city in market square. Public transport and parking are available - plus lots of coffee shops! Unfortunately, there is no wheelchair accessibility as the office is located on the second floor of an older building. 



All fees are inclusive of HST where applicable

Fees are payable at the time of session by email money transfer or cash (if direct-billing is not available).
Receipts are issued by email after payment is received.
Clients are responsible for submitting receipts to their insurance provider and for managing claims. 
Fees are subject to change and all clients will be notified in advance of any changes.








$75 first time
$100 thereafter

Cancellation Policy:

All appointments that are cancelled for non-emergency situations within 48 hours of an appointment will be charged a late cancellation fee. By confirming an appointment, the client agrees to these terms and takes responsibility for payment each time a late cancellation fee applies. To avoid late cancellation fees, cancel appointments more than 2 days before the meeting. If you have an emergency situation and cannot attend an appointment, please contact your therapist as soon as possible. 

Late cancellation fees: 1st missed appointment or non-emergency late cancellation: $75. Each subsequent missed appointment or non-emergency late cancellation: $100


Online sessions available

Upper Village Counselling Centre - 1020 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto

 (4 min walk east of Eglinton West Subway station or TTC bus 32)

The Space Within - 35 Market Place, Stratford, ON