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Caroline Rosta, MSc, MA (she/her)

Registered Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, safeTALK Trainer


I welcome everyone with a desire for healing, wellbeing and transformation 

I am an experienced therapist and clinical supervisor with extensive experience in the UK and Canada. My practice has continued to deepen and evolve, and over the years I've come to understand that real and lasting change comes from within; all the tools and techniques out there are great short-term remedies and they have value but, alone, they do not bring about transformation and healing. 

In light of this, I work at dual levels; on the one hand, I bring a solid knowledge-base to clients. This includes multiple graduate degrees and engaging regularly in professional development. I have expertise in a range of therapeutic modalities and systems of change including specialist training in trauma, anxiety disorders, grief and loss, attachment, compassion-focused therapy and mindfulness. I keep up-to-date with cutting-edge neuroscientific research that informs our understanding of the brain-body connection and healing. My approach is trauma-informed and grounded in anti-oppression and anti-racism principles. 


The second part of my work is what, I believe to be its heart: caring, respect, trust, genuineness. I don't have a "one size fits all" approach to therapy; everyone's experience is unique and everyone deserves unique attention. My clients often come to me, initially, because of my experience and expertise in evidence-based interventions and systems of change. Then they discover that their own healing is about more than tools and techniques. My clients know I value their experience, feelings and goals; they are the experts in their own experiences and that is the starting point of our partnership. My clients and I, together, bring valuable experience, expertise and insights to our therapeutic work. 

 In clinical supervision, I help therapists deepen their effectiveness and self-awareness and develop their practices as we explore issues of a clinical, professional and practical nature that impact the therapeutic process and therapeutic relationship. 

As an adjunct to my therapy and supervision practices, I am thrilled to provide life-saving safeTALK suicide prevention training. My decision to train groups in suicide awareness and prevention stems from a conviction that we all have a role to play AND we can all help prevent suicides with the right training. 

 I provide safeTALK training to organizations, community groups and companies. The safeTALK workshop is a great way to open conversations around mental wellbeing in the workplace, while also empowering every employee with real-life skills to help themselves and others.