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Caroline Rosta, MSc, MA

Registered Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, safeTALK Trainer & Consultant

Cultivating wellbeing in individuals and teams through partnerships & collaboration, "realness" and care.

My expertise and my passion lay in understanding and helping people to live their best lives. Every client is different and I don't believe in a "one size fits all" approach; instead, I will work with you to create a plan to address your unique needs and goals. I have a toolbox of therapeutic interventions, systems of change and skills to bring to clients and my overall approach is based on respect and partnership. 

As a counsellor and psychotherapist I work with diverse people in Canada and overseas to help them develop the insight, skills and sometimes new perspectives that lead to greater fulfillment and wellbeing.

I believe in the possibility of healing, change and transformation. I know it can be difficult to reach out for help and shift engrained patterns and entrenched ways of being, relating and behaving. In therapy, I look at "what is" with clients and explore what they'd like to change; sometimes, what has "worked" in the past can be "upgraded" now to meet changing needs and goals. I help them to develop new ways of thinking, feeling, behaving and relating that brings them a lasting and sustainable sense of fulfillment and greater ability to manage challenges as they arise.

In clinical supervision, I help therapists develop their own practices as we explore issues of a clinical, professional and practical nature that impact the therapeutic process. 

In parent coaching, I bring years of working with parents who are struggling with the behaviours and decisions of their teen and young adult children to bring more harmony to relationships and to help parents navigate challenging circumstances.

My decision to train groups in suicide awareness and prevention stems from a conviction that we all have a role to play AND we can all help prevent suicides with the right training.

My work as a consultant stems from a conviction that people are at the core of businesses and institutions, and that wellness and equity go hand-in-hand. I bring expertise in wellbeing promotion and wellness planning that enriches workplace relationships, augments employee investment and boosts productivity. Sometimes, bringing the safeTALK workshop to companies is a great way to open conversations around mental wellbeing in the workplace, while also empowering every employee with real-life skills to help themselves and others.

My diverse clients inspire me and broaden my understanding of what it means to live in this world from different perspectives; I am so honoured by the trust they show me on a daily basis to help them move towards their goals. I believe that how we are treated and how we treat others impacts wellbeing so I keep issues of equity, diversity and inclusion in focus. 

My work is underpinned by a solid knowledge-base including two master's degrees and up-to-date research and skills. I engage regularly in professional development and have expertise in a range of therapeutic modalities and systems of change. This strong foundation helps me to work with clients to clearly identify and assess needs and create custom plans to move towards identified goals.

I welcome everyone with a desire for healing, wellbeing and transformation.