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Integrated Workplace Wellness & Equity, Diversity and Inclusion planning and programming


"For Businesses to Succeed, People Need to Succeed"

People are any institution or company's greatest resource - and people are what I know best.
I have worked with hundreds of employees facing a variety of challenges that may or may not be directly due to the workplace but that always impact their ability to focus and be fully-present, productive workers. 
Now that traditional workplaces have mostly been replaced by remote working, workplace wellness initiatives need to pivot with the times and be responsive to unresolved as well as emergent issues.
As a workplace wellness consultant I cultivate wellbeing in individuals & teams through innovative strategies that integrate Health & Wellness with Equity, Diversity & Inclusion.
I've added a few interesting videos below, some of which highlight the link between these areas.
To read more about my approach to Workplace Health & Wellness, click the LinkedIn button below.

From Survive to Thrive: Women of Color in Corporate Leadership | DeRetta Cole Rhodes | TEDxUGA
The Elephant in Your Office Has a Mental Illness | Ashley Sides Johnson | TEDxEvansville
3 ways to create a work culture that brings out the best in employees | Chris White | TEDxAtlanta
This is what makes employees happy at work | The Way We Work, a TED series

Preventing Suicide at Work

The mental health and wellbeing of employees was once thought to be irrelevant to the workplace, but now research shows that work environments can actually exacerbate mental health concerns and contribute to loss of productivity, increased sick days and possibly even suicide. 
Suicide prevention is a part of every robust corporate mental health and wellbeing stategy. Contact me to find out how safeTALK training can make your company suicide-safer today.

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